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Our focus is very clear and can it can be seen in all of our treatment methods and projects. We target to solve industrial & urban waste problems in the best responsible and most efficient ways. We have alternatives to convert waste to a new resources and at the same time to protect the environment. Delivering the high throughput and recovery rates - demanded by today’s waste industries - requires innovation, experiences, and engineering skills.

envitec-k combine all advanced waste handling technologies in perfect synchronized systems and designs.


Some examples to demonstrate how important proper waste management is nowadays and what you can achieve if you change to our systems:

- Reducing landfill sites and waste incinerating plants

- Reduction of emissions

- Converting Waste to new resources (recycling & reuse materials, energy recovery, new fuels from waste etc.)

- Saving resources, more independency from fossil fuels, applications of future-oriented technologies

- The responsibility for the environment & for the next generations


and many more good reasons!


We already have suitable and environmentally friendly solutions to many challenges of your community and cities! Our environmental projects are attracting more and more attention by private investors as they provide new and lucrative business opportunities. Let us advise you to offer tailor-made solutions.

Automatic Waste Collecting & Pre-Sorting Systems (AWCPSS)


In many countries, the collecting systems are one of the major challenges for the classification and sorting of the waste in the residential areas. All waste types (kitchen waste, organic, plastics, paper etc.) are placed in the same waste bag and bin. In this stage, it usually much more difficult to sort out the waste fractions later.


Therefore it's very important and necessary to process the waste treatment at the formation phase and thus at the beginning of the chain - before the waste is sent for further processing (sorting plants, incinerators and landfills).


To accomplish this in less time, we have developed a smart and unique collection and pre-sorting application that accompanies the user throughout the whole process. The system detects the contents in the waste bags and reports them immediately, if the contamination exceeds an adjustable value. The interactive communication between the system and the users allows a

safer classification through - direct system interaction & corrections. It can also be configured to autonomously and automatically pre-sort the contents of the garbage bags into coarse fractions and stored in the closed unit, until they are transported/picked uped.


The whole system is online with it's own APP, which can be accessed by all users to get information's as well many services at any time.


The AWCPSS system is unique and so far the first of its kind.



The collection and pre-sorting of the household waste can be provide in the following fractions:


  • Organic waste
  • Recycable waste
  • Metals
  • Glass
  • Paper
  • Elektronic-Waste (small appliances)
  • Textiles


and in further fractions according our customers need and requirements.

Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Sorting Plants included Biogas Facility


All Sorting Lines can achieve highest accurate separation rates and low residues. This lines can operated full automatically with minimal maintenance cost. Suitable for household waste (also with organic fractions amd other residues).


We offer Sorting Lines in different configurations:

- Suitable for waste mixture or pre-sorted household waste

- Line capacities from 100 t/d up to 5000 t/d (tonnes per day)

- Combined with an Organic Treatment Facility and Energy Recovery Units


Product output of the Combined Facilities:

- Biogas (if required even CNG)

- Electricity and Thermal Heat

- Different Fuels


The Treatment Facilities are fexible with regard to treatable waste imputs as well line capacities due to the modular system which considered all aspects such as: avoidance of odors, higher sorting efficency & results, safe treatment of hazardous substances in household waste, profitability and many more factors.  We have the expertise to develop for your community a "state of the art" facility.

Landfill Treatment


In Germany and other western countries the treatment of a Landfill is stricly regulated by the authorities. High standards has to be followed to protect the environment. Also to open up new landfill sites will be only approved under special exceptions. Germany's traget is a "Zero Waste Strategy" for the close future.


Unfortunately, these high standards can not be achieved by many other countries. Many developing countries see no better alternatives than landfill sites. An important issue in developing countries is, also the execution methods in the past. The same applies to the landfill after reaching the filling capacity. The proper method of sealing, followed by the maintenance and later use.


envitec-k UG has developed methodes to reduce the negative impact on soil, water recources and air from an untreated landfill site. We can change existing landfills to safer places.


Some examples of our Services:

- Temporary Surface Sealing

- Treatment of Landfill Gas (LFG)

- Final Sealing

- Re-cultivation

- Landfill Recycling (cells)


If you want to know more about our Landfill-Site treatment methods we would be please to support you with our experts.

NEW - Smog Reduction  (Air Cleaning Systems for Cities)


Clean air is not everywhere natural. Developing countries, which can not escape from this suffering during the economic growth, are particularly affected. The heavy industry & coal-fired power stations as one part and growing traffic as another major air polluter. In the developing countries, air pollution has a strong negative impact on its citizens and nature.

This big challenge can't be currently solves completely. But part of the solution is our Air Cleaning Systems. These large Air Purifiers can be placed on public areas, schools, sport centers, parks or traffic junctions to reduce the heavy smog impact on citizens. We are developing currently with our partners different applications. We are also working on the energy source to provide a full & complete green solution. If you are interested in our systems we can provide more informations.   

Construction & Demolition Waste


Almost every country has difficulties with construction and demolition waste. Million tonnes of waste is generated world-wide annually.

Concrete, steel, all kind of plastics, insulation materials, floors (wood & tiles), doors and many other materials can be recovered for reuse. Our facilities can sort and separate all items with high recovery rates.  The recovered material will be transfered back to the row material cycle. 


Electronic Waste (E-Waste)


envitec-k offer perfect fitted recycling plants for e-waste. In different configurations and size, depending on region and e-waste types.

Valuable commodities will be recovered for reuse. Dangerous goods will be separated to prevent contamintaions.



Vehicles-Automobile Recycling


Countries facing big problems with improper dismantling, reuse of materials and storage. All of this causes contamination of soil and water sources.

envitec-k can provide treatment plants which can handle - large capacities and sorting/separating valueable materials for reuse. 

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