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As a competent partner for environmental technologies, we consult and support our clients during the entire project. Whether it's a biomass, material sorting or any other interesting project from our portfolio, we will take the time to discuss your needs and requirements in detail. Our network of specialist and world-renowned companies from all fields of environmental technology, guarantee you a flexible, reliable and tailor-made solution!


Our competence, as well as that of our business partners, are at your disposal all the time.

Professional & Reliable Consulting


We are known for our straightforward, reliable and professional support from our customers.


Our experts and consultants will always provide you with new and future-oriented solutions and opportunities as well as support for difficult topics.


Let us know in which of your projects we can support you with? Send us your inquiry and we will provide you tailor made & optimal solutions!

Project Management


We have project managers in our team with a wide range of experiences. They will coordinate all interfaces between envitec, our client(s) and sub-suppliers to ensure a successfull project.


Engineering Service


Together with our experts and partners worldwide, we offer you sophisticated concepts and projects. All individual functions will be perfectly matched to the entire plant process. We will consider all aspects to guarantee the highest and safest performance.


Our team of German engineers and experts are highly motivated, responsible and enjoy a fabulous reputation worldwide.


"Made in Germany" is a brand! 

Project Supervision

During the manufacturing, erection and commission time it's very important to have experts on site who are the best in thier job! In our facilituies we are using high-end equipments. We want make sure that everything is according the plan.

You can rely on our supervisors!

In addition we have cooperating partners in different regions. We can act more fexible and are available at any time!

Coaching / Training


To run and operate one of the high-end projects / facilities efficiently and successfully, requires a thorough understanding of the process. Our

experts will ensure that the management, operators

well as the maintenance personnel gain the necessary knowledge. We want to make sure that your project is profitable!


envitec-k is also known as a "Know-How" provider. We know the business and want share it with you! Our Experts in each business field can provide your team the missing parts for your companies success.

Turn-Key Projects


envitec-k partners can provide our clients the best and most confortable position during the project, by providing turn-key projects.

We will take care of all matters, inform and update our clients in regual meetings.

Together with our expert team in germany, our partners abroad and other very experienced sources we coordinate the whole project from the first signed agreement until the handover of the project to our client!   

Manufacturing & Procurement


Manufacturing and procurement is a very important factor in the competitiveness of a company.

Therefore, a lower-cost manufacturing with consistently good quality is one of the keys to remain competitive.

Through partnerships with local manufacturers as well as with the support of external supervisors, we are able to provide a professional and reliable service.

After-Sales Service

Whether you need further consulting services, or spare parts for your plant, we will be your first choice.

Our service team will visit and support you in all topics.

But our after-sales service is not only limited to typical after-sales-services. They are working closely with all departments and can provide fast und professional solutions. Let us know how we can boost your business?

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