Environmental Technologies


European, specifically Germany’s advanced economic development, the scientific knowledge and technology are on top of the world. Envitec-k has combined and develop out of all sources the most efficient and practicable system to establish it world-wide.

Below we introduce some of the technologies we can provide!

MSW Treatment Technologies

- Sorting Lines with high accurancy (separation rates)

- Sorting of recyclable materials

- Secondary fuels production

- Biogas Falilities to generate electricity, thermal heat and different fuels


- Pyrolysis Processes to convert sorted MSW to fuels (oil, wax, syngas etc.)

Biomass Facilities

- Waste from the agriculture (farming) & forestry (like crop , grass, straw

  and other remaining's, liquid animal manure or hard dung).

- Pure organic waste (like food waste from residents, restaurants and the

  food producing industry)

- Slaughterhouse waste (certain remaining's from cows, pigs, sheep's,

  cattle's etc.)

- Other industries using organic substances for their production lines.

  Remaining's which can’t be processed can be used in our facility under

  certain conditions

Pyrolysis Technology

The applications for this process is almost unlimited. From treatment of sorted MSW, biomass to (toxic) medical & clinical waste, contaminated soil (oil, dioxin, mercury), sewage sludge and many more. The researches and developments for this technologies has been improved and optimized within the last years so that industrial use of this process in much safer & more efficient now.

The selection of design, configuration (reactor, temperature etc.) is depending on the feedingstock. Please contact us for more informations.

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